The Zero Proof Life Challenge

Our next Challenge begins on Sun., Aug. 27, and runs through Wed., Oct. 4.

Community opens on Mon., Aug. 21.

This six-week program was designed with the sober-curious person in mind. If you are struggling with your relationship with alcohol or just craving a change of pace, this Challenge is for you. We are excited to be launching our usual ZPLC programming, but this time with an emphasis on not drinking alcohol as a form of self-care. This program is also an excellent opportunity for both current members of ZPL looking to deepen their knowledge and awareness around alcohol or for ZPLC “graduates” that would like to participate again!

Our five certified, ZPL Coaches will guide participants through a 30-day alcohol-free challenge with robust support on both the front and back end including group coaching calls, live streamed Q+As, daily videos, self-care resources, a workbook, and a community portal where you can go for support, trade tips, or chat with a Coach! 

What's Included in the ZPL Challenge?

• 1-week lead-in period to cultivate self-compassion, set personal goals, and shift your mindset around alcohol

• 30-day alcohol-free challenge

• Content released daily that offers digestible information, tools, and strategies to implement and enjoy an alcohol-free life. 

• Virtual, live group coaching with our 5 certified, ZPL Coaches offering a deeper dive into the daily  topics, Q+A opportunities, and mini-challenges to keep you focused and on track.

NEW Enhance your Challenge experience and dive in deeper with one-on-one Coaching Sessions with one of the ZPL Coaches. Limited spots available.

• Access to a private community platform and knowledgebase. The free, mobile app makes it easy to keep in touch, stay motivated, and watch content on the go.

• A workbook and journal prompts that guide you through each topic in the program offering affirmations, support, and education to guide and support you through this program.

• 1-week wrap-up exploring the integration of the program and your life and offering options to continue your journey in The Zero Proof Life community. ZPLC “graduates” often join The ZPL Monthly Membership which focuses on radical self-care, personal development, and community. 

• Improved health and wellness and tools for self-compassion, as well as a sense of accomplishment for completing the challenge!