Meet the Coaches

Karla Adkins

After struggling with anxiety for years and self-medicating with alcohol, Karla changed her path and started her alcohol-free journey in 2014. She is passionate about creating a safe, judgment-free zone where people can explore not only their relationship with alcohol but also get to know themselves again. 

It's time to love on that person that has been buried under the pain. You are worth it. 



Brandi Babb

Brandi loves to see people uncover their true potential and trust in themselves by accessing new internal resources and strengths. She is a Certified Professional Coach, Sr Certified Coach with This Naked Mind Coach, and Playing Big Facilitator. Brandi specializes in coaching both individuals and groups. She is the owner of Little Big Leap Coaching and Consulting and has 15+ years of corporate, entrepreneurial, and franchise experience. She is passionate about spending time with her family, enjoying outdoor activities, reading, jump roping, connecting with friends, serving in her local community, and exploring fun new activities. Since quitting drinking she especially loves to explore new, and old, social situations and discovering spots with interesting alcohol-free beverage options. Brandi believes that all of the small steps and choices we make daily can lead to big changes in our lives.

Carolyn Bennett

Carolyn is a senior certified life coach with This Naked Mind Institute. In addition, she is an Ecotherapy practitioner and is working on her certification in HeartMath Trauma Sensitivity.

Carolyn specializes in coaching people who are in or have left an abusive relationship. She recognizes the similarities of addiction to toxic substances and poisonous people. Yet, she offers hope to those who are struggling. She also helps empaths and highly sensitive people embrace their gifts and build a life they love, both mentally and physically. She believes nature is our primary ally in health and healing, and she enjoys teaching others how they can heal through a relationship with the environment. She began her journey to self in February 2018 when she chose to live an alcohol-free life.

Rebecca Snider 

Becca has a background in movement through Pilates and Yoga. As a Pilates studio owner and senior instructor, she has been teaching others how to discover what well-being means for them. There is nothing that lights her up more than to see people feel empowered through neuromuscular awareness and a connection to their bodies. Becca is passionate about helping other women and mothers find empowerment and freedom through present moment awareness and self-care; as well as preventing burnout from the stresses that so many women face in today’s world. Her eyes were opened to a whole new way of living when she personally chose a life of being alcohol-free. She is now a senior coach with This Naked Mind.  


Becca is the mother of four kids and a wife of 30 years. Her hobbies include movement of all kinds, being out in nature, spending time with her family, reading, and learning.

Christy Wynne

Christy has a background in practicing medicine as a PA with additional training in integrative medicine, nutrition, mindfulness, and Ayurveda. She is a Senior Coach with This Naked Mind and specializes in nervous system regulation and radical self-care. Christy and her husband recently opened Awake, the first full-service alcohol-free bar in the US, in Denver, Colorado. She is passionate about spending time with her husband and two children exploring the world through travel and has visited 49 countries. She also loves live music and enjoys all of the many outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. She gave herself the gift of becoming alcohol-free in 2018.