Nature - My Healing Ally

Nature - My Healing Ally

Nature is like a healing ally, offering us comfort and solace in times of need. Just as a kind and supportive friend can help us through challenging times, spending time in nature can help us heal our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls.

Nature can calm our anxieties, slow us down, and allow our minds and bodies to reconnect. Like a balm for our souls, the natural world can provide us peace and connection to something greater than ourselves. In a world that can often feel chaotic and overwhelming, nature can be a grounding and stabilizing force, allowing us to feel safe and held.

Nature rescued me. I didn't have a program or a support system to rely on while trying to quit drinking. I believed white knuckling was my only choice. I was doing it, but I was miserable. I then went to the natural world for direction based on intuition.

I spent a lot of time outside to get away from my tumultuous home life as a child. Tadpoles and fuzzy caterpillars turned into my close companions, and trees started to feel like family. As a grownup, the sun cured me as the poison left my body, and the ground beneath my bare feet allowed me to breathe.  

Let's take some time today to honor the planet we call home by talking to trees, listening to birds, lying on our backs and watching clouds pass by, or simply standing with our bare feet on the ground and connecting with the healing energy of the Earth.

Let us also be reminded of our obligation to safeguard and maintain it. The world's threats are numerous, ranging from habitat degradation and biodiversity loss to climate change and pollution. The Earth needs our love and respect, let's be intentional about our actions as we celebrate Earth Day 2023 

Carolyn Bennett - The Sober Empath

Saturday 22, 2023 

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